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Каталог электронной литературы

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славянские корпуса
fbmk wrote in dlibrary
Это собрание не в точности по теме сообщества, но близко к нему.

болгарский: http://search.dcl.bas.bg/bg/

хорватский: http://www.hnk.ffzg.hr/

новый http://bos.zrc-sazu.si/s_beseda.html
старый http://bos.zrc-sazu.si/besede.html

основной: http://ucnk.ff.cuni.cz/
синтаксически размеченный: http://ufal.mff.cuni.cz/pdt/index.html

словацкий: http://korpus.juls.savba.sk/

польский: http://korpus.pl/


НКРЯ: http://ruscorpora.ru/index.html
другие русские: http://ruscorpora.ru/corpora-other.html

украинский http://www.mova.info/corpus.aspx?l1=209
працює зараз в тестовому режимі. Але для пошуку деяких лексем корисно.

Ссылки на другие корпуса:

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We are glad to announce the release of WebCLaRK 0.1 -
the first version of our publicly available concordance search tool:


WebCLaRK is a portal hosting different language services for
Bulgarian. It serves as an interface to the Bulgarian Reference
Corpus - BulTreeBank. The services will be grouped into two
categories: (1) services providing access to language resources
and (2) services providing access to language technologies. In a
long-term perspective, they will include at least the following
Language Resources Services:
* Concordance over plain text;
* Concordance over annotated text.
Language Technologies Services:
* Morphological analysis of documents provided by the users;
* Lemmatization of documents provided by the users;
* Syntactic analysis of documents provided by the users.

In this version of the portal, WebCLaRK presents its first
component: Internet-based concordance of target word forms (or
phrases) over a plain text Bulgarian corpus.

Please note that the tool works better in browsers other than MS
Internet Explorer.
You can find Guidelines in Bulgarian and English.
Your comments, suggestions and questions are very welcome.

Best wishes for the New Year,
Petya Osenova

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